Pan Chen


Honours Bachelor of Science | September 2018 - Present | University of Toronto – St. George
  • Specialist: Computer Science, focusing in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.
  • Minor: Statistics Science, Eastern Asian Studies
  • Computer Science related courses: Introduction to Computer Science, Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science, Software Design, Linear Algebra II, Probability with Computer Applications, Introduction to Language, Introduction to the Theory of Computation, Software Tools and Systems Programming, Data Structures and Analysis, The Design of Interactive Computational Media, Introduction to Databases, Introduction to Software Engineering, Introduction to Machine Learning, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Programming on the Web
  • cGPA: 3.86
Bachelor of Engineering (unfinished) | September 2017 – July 2018 | Northeastern University
  • Major: Computer Science and Technology
  • Computer Science related courses: Advanced Mathematics (1), Advanced Mathematics (2), Discrete Mathematics (1), Discrete Mathematics (2), Fundamentals of Programming: C, Introduction to Computer Science, Linear Algebra, Object-oriented Programming: C++ Introduction to Deep Learning

Skills & Abilities

  • C, C++, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, JQuery, Verilog, React, RubyJS, d3js, Bootstrap, SQL
  • Software: Apache, WordPress, MediaWiki, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, G Suite, Git, Linux, Office 365, PostgreSQL, MySQL


CP – a highly responsive and customizable WordPress Theme
  • CP is a highly responsive WordPress Theme designed and developed by Pan Chen, with the features such as fixed header, pop-out panel, dynamic description, read progress indicator, customizability ….
Bank Management System
  • The Bank Management System was developed by my partners and me at University of Toronto when we took the course Software Design. We applied a variety of software design patterns such as Iterator, Observer, Strategy, model–view–controller…. And the system was written in Java.
Prefix trees and Melodies
  • The program stores words and their prefix’s in the Tree data structure. And people can look up a prefix and then get a list of the corresponding words that have the prefix. This program was written in Python.
Neural Network in TensorFlow with MNIST database
  • My first Neural Network in TensorFlow with MNIST database. I basically followed the instructions from tensorflow's website, but it gave me a chance to understand how a neural network was working.
Personal Website & Blog
  • I launched Chen's Notes in 2016, sharing my stories and experiences which has been visited by thousands of people around the world. And in 2018, I created my personal website for myself with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.